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RR Precision-Factsheet


RR Precision was founded in 2005 with the vision of providing high quality precision products worldwide.

5 million parts shipped in 2018

The story in the numbers.RR Precision is prepared to meet your sophisticated volume needs for parts.

50+ Machines

RR Precision specializes in precision machining and has 50+ machines and growing year-over-year.

ISO Certified

RR Precision has been ISO certified since 2007.The management focuses on adhering to the manifesto.

3 shifts (150+ Employees)

RR Precision sources and grooms local talent from the Polytechnic colleges resulting in low turn-over.


RR Precision is in the process of expanding its current facilities to provide our employees and our customers a delightful experience.

RR Precision Capabilities

Process & Equipment

  • Precision Machining specializing in-
    Hydraulic spools, Valves And Adapters, Aerospace & Automotive Components.
  • Complete Finishing Operations such as-
    Grinding , Honing , Lapping, Plating & heat treatment.
  •  Custom Assemblies/testing (leak & pressure)
  • Specialized part specific tools(jigs & fixtures) for machining & inspection.
  • Experts in PPAP , SPC , & Process Capability.

Key Materials Processed : Steel , Brass , Copper , Aluminium & others.

People & Systems

  • Dedicated New Product development team specializing in-
    CAD Designs , optimizations & FEA.
  • ISO / TS Certified and fully equipped quality control lab.
  •  Rigorous employee training in built in quality system to exceed customer PPM requirements.
  •  Transparent ERP system giving full visibility of order status to customer at anytime.

RR Precision-Value Proposition

Technical Bench​

With more than 100 years of combined experience in manufacturing , machining and the market. RR Precision can address any of the customer requirements.

Global Reach

With business partners in multiple locations, our extended team is able to provide our clients with seamless experience around the board.

Cost Optimization

RR Precision strives to provide the best value for your monies. Our motto is to not compromise quality and experience for cost.

Strategic Partnership

RR Precision is focused on developing a strategic partnership with the clients to ensure alignment of goals,cultures & processes to facilitate long term success.


RR Precision realizes that is quality is the core success criteria for your business.At RR,we beleive that quality is not just a process but a way of life.We incorporate quality into the overall experience.

Customer Delight

Achieving customer delight at every touchpoint in the customer lifecycle is a key goal at RR Precision.The culture of the organization of designed to achieve this objective consistently.

CNC Machining Technology

Products Overview

Valves & Spools (Complete Solution)

  • Material : Enla , EN8 , Aluminium , Various Steel Alloys
  • Plating : Nickel Plating , Hard Chrome Plating
  • Heat Treatment : Carbo Nitriding , Carburizing
  • Grinding : Upto 0.001 mm
  • Roundness : 0.00005 mm
  • Cleaning : UV Cleaning
  • MPI Testing : 100% MPI tested

Hydraulic Assemblies

  • Assembly of Valves, Spools, Cages , Sleeves, Splungers
  • Grouping Of Assemblies based on clearance fit
  • Grinding : Upto 0.001 mm
  • Honing :  Upto 0.001 mm
  • Lapping : High Precision 00 & 10 Lapping
  • Form Parameters : 0.0005 mm
  • Assembly Testing for leak & pressure with Customized rigs

Aerospace Products

Automative Products

Oil And Gas Products

Quality Control Capabilities

  • CMM
  • Roundness Tester
  • Laser Micrometer
  • 2D Digital Height Gauge
  • Profile Projectors & Comparators
  •  Surface Finish Testers
  • Micrometers & Verniers
  •  Digital Bore Gauges
  •  Hardness Testing Machine
  •  Air Gauges
  •  Dial Stands & Gauges
  •  Surface Tables
  •  MPI Testors

End Users

Contact Us

India Plant Address

RR Precision (India) Pvt. Ltd.
#25 , Tamaka Industrial Area ,
Kolar , Karnataka , India.
+91 8152243058
+91 9449836789

USA office Address

#1207 , Barnes St. (NW) ,
Atlanta , 30318 , USA